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A couple of things you should note, I share articles written by me. Which means my view of each thing and I may be wrong, may not agree with you or may represent something totally different. So, by continuing you agree with the risks and understand that I will not be held liable for anything as a result.

You can verify, or should verify from other sources as I may be wrong. I am not looking for any trouble, no not at all.

Google Adsense:

On my blog, there are Google Adsense ads, which are governed by their own terms and conditions. By continuing you also agree to understand and abide by them.

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer:

Whenever I review Amazon products I may include links to some Amazon products and may result in me getting an affiliate commission. It will not affect the price for you or make my review biased, nope. It won’t, just informing you about my commission.